1st Option- Business Level view 

    iMAGINE  having your own online store where your employees, customers or partners can shop for your custom products like embroidered shirts and printed bags or t-shirts. That would be a great marketing tool right? Now think about all the advantages you can have by having your own online store, consider the following;  

Ordering/Logistics: Last minute orders for an event? not to worry, with your online store you would always have ready to ship inventory of                                your custom products that you can receive in just 3 days!

Programs: You could create employee safety or production incentives with hassle free voucher programs to be used on the store                                products.  Same could be used for customer appreciation programs. 


Inventory:You could save space, time and money by not having to use Space and overhead resources for inventory.

Finally, imagine enhancing brand awareness and adding traffic to your website 

    If you like what you just imagined we have good news! iMARK Corporate Apparel can make it happen! We call it iSTORE.

We have 2 levels available for this program;

1st option is our "Business Level":    This Program includes access to your custom apparel/uniform store through a link on your company's website. Associates/Customers can shop using credit card, company vouchers or gift certificate. We provide inventory management. Up to 10 product styles to choose from. Click istore or sample company below to view how your online store could look.

2nd option is our "Corporate Level":    This program includes a custom website with custom apparel/uniform products; Associate's individual password; Inventory management. E-commerce settings is included with different options for check-out. Up to 30 styles to choose from. Full Cut & Sew program is available with qualification approval.  


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